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Possible Origins of the Wedding Cake Topper

These are some short stories submitted to us during a writting contest
held in the summer of 2001. Winner's were chosen and free cake toppers were awarded.
The fictious stories of the origin of the wedding cake toppers were all written in fun,
and we had a great time. See if you can pick who the winner's were.
  1. Melissa Tokarczyk
  2. Rachel Robertson
  3. Debra Carter
  4. Jennifer Wright
  5. Heather Eaton

    Melissa Tokarczyk - from Pennsylvania

    [ At the coronation of a new King or Queen, the Aztecs would hold a huge celebration in front of their sacrificial temples. A scaled-down model of the main temple was constructed out of stone, and dolls representing the King and Queen were placed on top the model. As citizens walked passed the dolls, they paid homage to their new leaders. Since new Kings or Queens were not chosen every day, Aztecs who enjoyed the ceremony began to encorporate the ritual into their daily lives. At a wedding, the small temple made of stone was replaced by edible food, such as bread. Eventually, cake became the standard. The dolls atop the centerpiece evolved into representing the bride and groom. While no longer symbolizing royalty, they symbolized something much greater, . . . Love. ]
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    Rachel Robertson - from Mississippi

    [The story of how the Wedding Cake Topper is one which has been passed down from generation to generation and depending on who is telling the story. It changes a little as it is told. It is said that in 1901 a baker's daughter was to be married and wanted to find a symbol which would describe what she believed her marriage represented. She and her father spent hours upon hours trying to come up with an idea, one which was unique and yet would be recognized by guests and family for what it represented. Finally, with only days left to the actual event, the father came up with the perfect symbol! He told his daughter it would be a surprise and it would be his own special gift to her on the most important day of her life. As she and her new husband entered the reception hall, there on a table was the most beautiful white layered wedding cake and atop the cake was a miniature couple dressed in wedding wear! The baker explained to his daughter that the couple above the cake represented sweetness, which would always be in their life. Thus the tradition of the Wedding Cake Topper. ]
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    Debra Carter - from Michigan

    [ The Wedding Cake Top originated in the Ice Age. Nancy Neanderthal was thrilled when Calvin Caveman dragged her by the hair to his cave. She had never imagined such a romantic proposal! Later, Nancy visited her relatives displaying "the rock" given to her by Calvin. He had chosen it himself, plucking it from the cave wall. Nancy soon began planning. Choosing a dress made of woolly mammoth, gathering wildflowers and berries, and booking a DJ. Following the nuptials, Nancy and Calvin opened their gifts. Nancy was pleased with the variety and practicality of the gifts, which included everything from smooth rocks to jagged rocks, big rocks to small rocks. One rock, however, perplexed the couple. The shape of the full moon, it was flat on two sides with a hole in its center. Amidst his confusion, Calvin accidentally dropped it, and a lengthy chase ensued as it rolled away. When the rock was finally recovered, Nancy and Calvin were in a quandary. They didn't want to hurt any feelings, but this gift was clearly useless. "What shall we do?" Calvin grunted. Enchanted by the pretty rock, Nancy thought for a moment...then carefully placed the rock atop her wedding cake. ]
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    Jennifer Wright - from Nevada

    [ A long, long time ago their lived a beautiful girl named, Cinderella. She was a servant and lived with her wicked Stepmother and Stepsisters'. The Stepmother was jealous of Cinderella's beauty because, her daughters were ugly. There was a ball and the Prince had to find a suitable woman to be his wife. Cinderella could go to the ball, but had to do all her chores in the house, first. She finished her chores later that evening, but before she walked out the door the wicked Stepsisters' tore the gown and jewels she was wearing. She cried, but her Fairy Godmother made her a new gown, including glass slippers. She went to the ball and danced with the Prince. She left by midnight, but left one of her glass slippers behind. The Prince searched for her. Cinderella came down to try it on, but the wicked Stepmother tripped the Grand Duke. Cinderella had the other one with her. She tried it on and it fit. The Prince and now the Princess got married. They used the broken glass slipper and the other glass slipper and made them into a glass Prince and Princess cake topper. And they lived happily ever after! ]
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    Heather Eaton - from New Hampshire

    [ Once upon a tome there was a young man named Michael. He worked very hard forging beautiful things out of granite. He was well known for the beautiful art he made out of the hard stone. One day, a beautiful woman came to the quarry to have a chessboard made. It was love at first sight. She introduced herself and stated she knew just who he was. She set the task for him and he asked to see her again. She said that she would if he could make her a perfect chessboard. Michael set out to the task right away. He poured his soul onto that chessboard. When she returned her smile lit up the sky. He would not accept payment for the chessboard. He wanted to see her again. The courted for many months until the day he asked for her hand in marriage. She said yes between her tears of joy. They were to be wed in six weeks. The day of the wedding, the couple was nervous but everything went perfectly. After the dinner, it was announced that the wedding cake was to be cut and served. One of the butlers rolled out the beautifully decorated wedding cake. But it was unlike any other wedding cake. On top sat a beautifully carved topper made by the hand of the groom. Upon inspection, the bride saw a small carved chessboard with a bride and groom dancing upon it. She laughed through her tears. He wanted to surprise his wife with something they could both treasure forever. And so began the tradition of the cake tops. ]
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