Our webcam got fried from the heat in the glass shop.
and is currently out of order.

Ever wonder how the glass things get made?

We have installed a Live WebCam that shoots across the main work bench where most of our glass work takes place so you can have a look. Given the amount of visitors to the webcam a time limit for viewing may be in effect. If you get disconnected just hit "reload" on your browser and if no one is waiting in the queue you'll be hooked right back up. Depending on your connection speed and the number of other on lookers your picture might be choppie or have a delay.


If you get a "Page Not Found" error, work is probably finished for the day and the camera has been turned off. Or, there might be too many vistors trying to access the webcam. There will be times that I'm not at the work bench when the camera is on. I'm probably doing something else at the moment in another area of the shop out of view. I will be back!

The webcam is an Axis Communications 205 webcam and can handle up to 20 simultaneous connections. It's the worlds smallest webcam with a built in webserver. When you first access it you might need to down load an Active-X component. It down loads right out of the camera and only happens once. Here is a copy of a question right from Axis Communications Support Help files concerning the component if you have any concerns about it:

What is Active-X and is it safe to install?
I get a message on my screen prompting me to install an Active-X component the first time I try to access the Axis 205 Network Camera. What is this and is it safe?

This is completely normal. The Active-X component that is about to be installed is signed by Axis Communications and is a small program that enables you to receive the video stream in your browser in an efficient way.

Any questions or concerns about viewing our webcam Contact Us

Hand Sculptured Glass
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