Cake Toppers At Their Finest!

When you realize the flowers have wilted away. The biggest memory of the reception will be your pictures, memories and your CAKE TOPPER. Proudly displayed for all to see and a reminder of that precious day. Perhaps passed on to your next generation to enjoy as one of your families first heirlooms. Hand Sculptured Glass has been designing and delivering cake toppers for over 30 years to decerning bridal couples who wish the very best for their biggest life event.
E. S. McCloskey
Master Glass Blower

 Hand Sculptured Glass ~ Wedding Cake Toppers

BWOODThere are as many wedding cake toppers as there are wedding couples who enjoy being unique. You can scroll through our cake top designs from the wedding cake top menu links. Each cake top design comes with the option to modify changes to suit the bride’s desire. If you do not see what you are looking for in a topper here…

Please use our  ~ Contact Us Form and we will be happy to discuss ideas and thoughts for your own design.

The bride always wishes to remember her wedding daySam_Katie_Goeller_Caketopper in every small detail and share the memory of the event with loved ones for the rest of her life. Next to the lovely new set of wedding rings, the cake topper holds more symbolism than any other wedding memento. We like to refer to it as the “Cherry on Top,” making all the wedding reception preparations completely perfect. Even if fresh flowers are to top the cake it has become the custom to display the cake topper along side the wedding cake, thus the bride still gets her topper!

Recommended Care ~ for the Glass Cake Topper!profile1
For general cleaning of your glass piece all that is needed is to spray it down with window cleaner and rinse under running water (in an empty sink) then set on a towel to air dry.
To clean the wedding cake icing from the bottom of your cake topper, run under warm water and gently remove icing with soft tooth brush. Do not use any abrasives. We take great pride in the ability to customize and personalize our cake toppers to your special specifications. It is our goal at Hand Sculptured Glass to maintain the highest quality in cake top design structure and to give you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Never send the Bride to the Altar without her Cake Topper!